This type of board offers sensations very appreciated by experienced surfers during small summer conditions. Indeed, the fishes are short, wide and with a tense rocker that allow them to be lively, fast and comfortable in small waves.

Like all types of boards the fish is differentiated by several aspects, fish retro or performance, twin fine or quad, there is for all the tastes and we do not even speak about the various characteristics like the volume, the size and the thickness. But then how to choose your fish? For the dimensions it is quite simple, choose a board with a volume identical to your favorite shortboard for hollow waves, or slightly higher (32L instead of 30L for example) for softer waves.

Retro or performance ? It depends on your tastes, a performance fish will be more nervous while we will favor the big curves with a retro. Note that only the performance fish can be mounted in a thin quad (4 fins).

Finally, this board is for all (experienced) surfers who like speed and superb cut backs (the fish’s favorite trick) and who want to enjoy the summer and discover new sensations.


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