It’s big, it’s often beautiful and it reminds us of the early days of surfing. The longboard has long been the star board for surfers and the first to be really popularized. Also called Malibu, this board will allow you to glide smoothly on small summer waves.

Be careful though, this is not a board for beginners (turn instead to a mini-malibu or an evolutionary one). The longboard is heavy, difficult to maneuver and complicated to paddle.


Catch the waves before everyone else of course and enjoy long moments on the wave with a very aesthetic board in small conditions that often do not allow fun with a shortboard (see the fish for a more nervous surfing in small waves).


This type of surfing, more in the glide than in the radicality of the figures, requires a continuous adaptation of the position of the surfer. When he feels his speed slowing down in relation to the wave, he must walk towards the front of his board in order to increase the speed of the latter and vice versa.

This board also has some tricks that are characteristic of it, such as the timeless Noseriding (a trick that consists in walking on the board and positioning yourself on its nose with your toes on the edge). In short, a board of glide par excellence which will allow you to make beautiful sessions.


lotfi lamaali l'inventeur du longboard dancing
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What’s Homie Boards ? 🤔

Homie Boards aims to democratize the practice of surfing and boarding in general.

We think that the wallet should not be a barrier to the practice of the most beautiful sport on this planet. So we offer a surfboard and equipment rental service with free home delivery and with the lowest rates on the market! 🤩

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Offers proposed by Homie Boards 🔥

Homie Boards offers you many services to make the most of your stay at the cheapest rates on the coast. To begin, you will be able to rent on the site or by calling us directly, all kinds of material and equipment necessary for the practice of the surf but not only.

You will also find equipment for the practice of other water sports that are very popular in the region such as paddle or bodyboard.

Finally, you also have the possibility to take surfing lessons from our certified teachers. What we have to offer you :

  • Surfboard rental adapted to beginners
  • Surfboard rental adapted to experienced surfers
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  • Wetsuit rental
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  • Car rack surf rental
  • Skimboard rental
  • Skateboard rental.

In addition to these services, you will also have the possibility to go through the site to have your equipment repaired 🤙

Finally, you will also be able to ask us all your questions about the Biarritz area and our services and we will be happy to answer you and share the little secrets and good advice.

Homie Boards’ pricing 🤗

For the payment of the services we offer at Homie Boards you have several options. First of all you can pay us by card or by cash at the time of delivery, but if you prefer there is also the possibility to pay by Lydia or to use your paypal account.

The deliveries are free on all the Basque coast and the Landes, whatever the order made. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of it! 😍

Our prices:

  • Surfboard rental : 15€/Day
  • Surfing lessons : 45€/pers
  • Paddle rental : 20€/day
  • Bodyboard rental : 15€/day
  • Fins rental : 5€/day
  • Wetsuit rental : 10€/day
  • Surf racks rental for car : 5€/day
  • Skimboard rental : 15€/day
  • Skateboard rental : 15€/day

Free delivery at Homie Boards 🌴

In addition to having the cheapest prices on the coast, the surfboard rental service Homie Boards offers you free delivery, no matter where you are on the Basque coast or in the Landes.

A non-exhaustive list of the places served by Homie Boards on the Basque Coast:

  • Bayonne
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  • Bidart
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  • Lafitenia
  • St Jean de Luz
  • Hendaye.

A non-exhaustive list of places served by Homie Boards in the Landes :

  • Tarnos
  • Labenne
  • Capbreton
  • Hossegor
  • Seignosse

Hoping to see you for your next session! 🤙