Today we are interested in Stand Up Paddle. Little cousin of surfing, this one has everything to offer you also very nice outings on the water.


The Stand Up Paddle has something for everyone and is aimed as much at those who are passionate about surfing as at those who love great rides. Easy for beginners, fun and friendly, the paddle can also allow you to ride great waves (beware of surfers who don’t like to share their spots) as well as to make quiet strolls in the open sea or a little fitness session on the water.


A ride: the most accessible discipline, it is also the most widespread format that allows you to enjoy the magnificent French coasts from the sea while pushing yourself. The paddle is then quite big, we find inflatable ones nowadays to facilitate the transport. Surfing: no need to lie down and paddle anymore, with the paddle you only need 3 strokes of the paddle to catch the wave. Small, easy-to-handle paddles are preferred. Racing: this is certainly the most physical discipline, these paddle races on very long and streamlined boards are becoming more and more famous and some of them can be seen on the French coast, such as in La Torche in Brittany. Fishing: why not after all.


No secrets, you have to practice. Of course you can put yourself in the best conditions. You start on a board that is easy for your size (large and wide in general for more stability). The stake of the first outings is not to achieve a balancing performance but to integrate the basics: to stand up, to have a correct paddling movement and a good posture, to turn around, to kneel.

Now all you have to do is find the right spot (as flat as possible) and get started!


lotfi lamaali l'inventeur du longboard dancing
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What’s Homie Boards ? 🤔

Homie Boards aims to democratize the practice of surfing and boarding in general.

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Finally, you also have the possibility to take surfing lessons from our certified teachers. What we have to offer you :

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Homie Boards’ pricing 🤗

For the payment of the services we offer at Homie Boards you have several options. First of all you can pay us by card or by cash at the time of delivery, but if you prefer there is also the possibility to pay by Lydia or to use your paypal account.

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Our prices:

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  • Hossegor
  • Seignosse

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